The Industry business area is particularly exciting, as we work with a wide spectrum of companies. We are seeing that distance is increasingly unimportant today, and from our offices we can easily reach companies all over the world. Assignment types can include everything from microscopic details in biological implants to components of wind turbines and cranes subject to enormous loads.

We help our customers with structural analysis, simulations and measurements. Our engineers come from all industries and together we create a down-to-earth, committed working climate. This is inspirational and means that innovative solutions can constantly emerge. We are truly passionate about completing assignments and having truly satisfied customers.
The most common assignments are structural and dynamics analyses for metal designs and weld lifetimes, but often other materials such as composites and hyper-elastic materials are included. For example, we have recently carried out a large number of seismic analyses.

​​​​​​​We work with all relevant standards and manuals, the majority of software and with well-proven methods.
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Customer reference

​​​​​​​“We engaged Uniso as part of a very specialised team of product developers within our specific niche. The team’s task was to develop the next generation’s product system. With an almost non-existent start-up phase, and without any industry knowledge, Uniso was able to adopt the role of a full and extremely useful member of this highly specialised team.”
- MedTech company