The Industry business area is incredibly inspiring as we cater to a wide range of product development companies in everything from offshore and energy to biomechanics. We carry out assignments both on site with customers and from our office in Gothenburg, where we can help companies worldwide.

​​​​​​​For our customers, we perform structural analyses, simulations and measurements. Our engineers come from all sorts of industries and together we create a down-to-earth and engaging work climate where we are all passionate about solving tasks and getting really satisfied customers.

Customer reference

"We have hired UNISO as part of a very specialized team as product developers within our specific niche. The team's task was to develop the next generation product system. With almost no starting distance and without any industry knowledge, UNISO was able to take its place as a full-fledged and highly contributing member of this highly specialized gang."

MedTech Company
The assignment types can include damage resistance analyses, pipe calculations, microscopic details in biological implants or extremely highly stressed parts in wind turbines and cranes. Seismic analyzes are an example that we have done a lot of recently.

​​​​​​​​​​​Software used in the assignments are Pipestress, Editpipe, CAEpipe, ANSYS, SESAM, FEMAP, NASTRAN, ABS EAGLE and many others. We also carry out a large number of audit assignments which are based on the various industry standards that exist, for example ASME, EN, TKN, RN, KTA and DIN.

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