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Our strengths are mechanical analyses and dimensioning within strength, NVH, lifetimes, pipe dimensioning, crack propagation etc. We act as experts for many of our customers and deliver regular advice and knowledge that improves our customers’ products.
Strength analyses can be used in all phases of a product’s life cycle. From the product development phase where we help design the product, through the improvement phase in which a product is optimised, to investigating breakdowns where we discover why a product has failed.
This often involves understanding the physical properties of a product and then modifying an aspect such as the geometry, load or material so that the product meets expectations.
Approximately 70% of our consultants are on assignment on our customers’ sites, while the remainder are based in our development offices. In our offices, we are able to carry out assignments that span all of our areas of knowledge. Our cross-disciplinary knowledge exchange between business areas and colleagues means that we benefit from knowledge and experience from a number of different industries. This makes us quick to respond in the start-up phase and reduces pitfalls. Read more under the relevant business area for more information.

Areas of expertise

 Tools we use

Strength calculations (FEM and manual calculations), Seismic calculations, Fatigue dimensioning, Thermal calculations, Seal analyses, Damage tolerance, Sound & vibrations, Thermal transfer, Engine and Chassis dynamics, Pipe calculations, Transmission calculations, Screw joints, Third-party review, Classification bodies...
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