Our services help product development companies to reach new goals, develop new products and ensure safety in daily life around society. It is especially important for us to create a strong dialogue with the customer to ensure that expectations and execution match. ​​​​We have an average experience of more than 10 years and master most commercial calculation programs on the market.

What are our strengths?

Above all, it is our great competence and long experience in strength calculation, regardless of industry. Because we are specialists in technical calculation and have been in the consulting business for so long, we have found ways to easily take on and quickly familiarize ourselves with new questions and new products. This gives our customers and employees great security.

What can we do then?

We'd like to write "everything" but that's not quite true so we'll mention some of what we've done and continue to do.
Hand calculations when appropriate and FEM analyzes when appropriate, preferably with engineering assessments to streamline models and the like. Just because you can mesh with millions of elements, we don't think you should do it if it's not necessary.

We evaluate e.g. earthquake analyses, i.e. how the seismic spectrum affects structures and how to strengthen them effectively. We ensure the fatigue strength of products in different ways and with different methods and it is no problem for us to take on thermal analyses, perhaps combined with a tightness analysis and screw connection dimensioning depending on both temp and pressure. Sometimes this leads to us also performing the mechanical safety for a CE mark.

We like to calculate welds but also to be part of the process and develop electric motors, or why not run crash analyses. Sometimes we count on really big pipes and sometimes small but very long and crooked ones. Transmissions with many gears naturally belong to our right element. We like dynamics calculation with rigid and flexible bodies every day of the week! Linear or non-linear analyzes in the form of large deformations, plastic materials or the like also work well.

And how do we work?

Either we perform the analyzes in our office with our hardware and software, or in the customer's office and with the customer's tools. Sometimes it's a mix of both! Actually, it doesn't matter to us as we are used to switching between different tools and solve this on a daily basis. The tools we often use are, for example, Ansa, Ansys, Nastran, Abaqus, LS-Dyna, CAE-pipe, Rohr2 and for us these are just different screwdrivers.