Work at Uniso

About Uniso

A consulting company based in Gothenburg, Sweden. We are a team of around 20 employees who specialize in technical calculation and simulation. We achieve the key to success at Uniso together through - PARTICIPATION, COMMUNITY AND DEVELOPMENT.
Community and participation are important to us and therefore we prioritize meeting often. It can be about breakfast meetings where an employee talks about their mission, joint activities such as go-karting or kick-boxing, conferences, summer and Christmas parties and other events throughout the year. For us, participation is not only participating in the internal activities, but we strive for short decision-making paths where the employees are involved to the greatest extent possible and have the opportunity to influence the decisions that are made.

At Uniso, there are great opportunities to control your own development, we think it will be best that way. It can be about training, but also the opportunity to influence one's mission and customer. But it could also be completely different things that develop you. Maybe you want to plan a conference, develop new business areas or hold a webinar? We all have different needs and we want to give you the best conditions to develop!

The consultant, the consultant managers & the community

Our consultant managers Kennet Karlström and Martin Hohensee are the consultants' first point of contact. Their mission is to ensure that everyone thrives and develops in their assignments and apart from a couple of larger development meetings per year, they have direct contact with our employees several times a month.

In addition to this, we have several occasions each month when the entire company meets physically or digitally, something that is prioritized in order to be able to create and build a good community and cohesion.

If you want to know more about this, get in touch and we will book a meeting and meet for a cup of coffee in our fantastic premises with a view of the harbor entrance..