About Uniso

Our core values

Uniso Technologies - Vara vardeord AKKEPAUniso Technologies - Vara vardeord AKKEPA
Uniso Technologies - Våra värdeord AKKEPA


Accepting responsibility

We work actively to reach the goal. - We dare to stand up for our conclusions and are there for our customers.


Customer value

There are occasions when we are perceived as inquisitive; perhaps even rather tiresome! - But that’s only because we want to understand and deliver the right solution.



For us, it’s important to offer confidence in our assignments through orderliness and feedback – we work very hard to give the customer what they expect.



We have wide knowledge and motivation but still want to learn more – so we invest in continuous professional development.

Positiv Attityd/

Positive Attitude

Life's too short to be bored at work! - We’re open to other people’s ideas and constantly want to develop.

We focus on analyses within structural mechanics and strength, and we’re passionate about continuous development.

Uniso was formed in 2008 by experienced calculation engineers who still carry out technical calculations on a daily basis. We usually say that you should do what you enjoy because this means you're really good at what you do. And we have exactly this passion for problem solving.
We use technical calculations and simulation to deliver knowledge and ideas to companies that develop products. What’s particularly important to us is creating a strong dialogue with the customer to ensure expectations and execution align. We are helpful, inquisitive and always do a good job!
We have more than 10 years’ average experience and are familiar with the majority of commercial calculation programs on the market.
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Our Vision:

We believe in the future of calculation and simulation and in our role as specialists. Our vision is to be our customers’ first choice.

Our Mission:

We take responsibility for our customer getting what they expect, which leads to:
  • Sustainable products
  • Shorter development times
  • Lower costs
Our services help companies that develop products to achieve new goals, develop new products and ensure security in everyday life for society as a whole.

​​​​​​​Either alone or together with partners, we currently have agreements with many of the large customers in our industry, which means we can accept assignments quickly and support our customers in a flexible way when we’re most needed!
Sometimes you don’t need to make the task more difficult than it is, but recognising this requires knowledge and experience. That’s why our customers choose us.

Give us a call. We guarantee that you’ll get to speak to an inquisitive calculation engineer!
Uniso Technologies integrity policy
Uniso collects personal data so that we can fulfil our business agreements with customers and employees, for marketing and recruitment purposes and where required by law.

The information is stored on a secure server and is not shared with anyone.
We collect personal data from our customers, suppliers, employees and event participants. When you go to an event or otherwise share your personal data with us, we require your consent to process your personal data.

If you have questions about our integrity policy, please contact us at ​​​​​​​ info@uniso.se
We collect the following data:
-Telephone number
-Email address
-Notes from our encounter

By contacting us, you have the right to request:
-Access to the personal data we process about you.
-Correction if we have stored incorrect information about you.
-Deletion of personal data.