Together with Weld on Sweden AB, Uniso organizes a number of courses on an ongoing basis with a 10% discount if you register through us. As part of the collaboration, the courses are usually held at our office in Gothenburg.

Weld on Sweden AB is a educational company that specializes in educating in welding constrution and welding produktion based in the swedish city Växjö.

For more information about the courses, please click on the respective link or send an email

Registration for the courses is done to with name, company name, position, e-mail and phone number.

​​​​​​​Please notice that the courses are given in Swedish.

Courses offered in 2023

3-4 & 10-11 October: 
Konstruktion av svetsade produkter med svetsteknik för konstruktörer, SK2-WFD
Attention! This course is held in Växjö at Weld on Sweden, also available via link on teams.
​​​​​​​​Constructors need to be able to quickly perform rough calculations and convey to the customer knowledge about how welded constructions behave under different loads. The course provides participants with basic knowledge of modern methods to estimate the strength of the welded joint for both statically and fatigue-loaded welded products.

14-16 November:
Svetsutvärdering med FEM, SK4
Using FEM in the analysis of welded, fatigue-loaded constructions places great demands on loading conditions, the appearance of the FE model, element selection and evaluation methods. The purpose of the training is to provide engineering instructions for how the difficulties that arise when evaluating FEM analyzes are to be solved with a reasonable effort.
The course is offered by us at Uniso, but it is also possible to participate via the link on teams.