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Pipe calculations of citrus dryer​​​​​​​

Pipe calculations of citrus dryer

In the production of, among other things, juice, the fruit peel often becomes a residual product. Our customer wanted help with calculations for a plant intended to dry the fruit peels. Through this process, the husks can at a later stage be refined and turned into animal feed. In this case, the entire citrus fruit will be used efficiently and no residual products will be left to handle.

​​​​​​​​In the past, it meant a cost to get rid of the citrus peel, but when the drying plant is completed, the former residual product will be able to be sold as high-quality animal feed. As the process is very energy efficient, it contributes to reducing the end customer's ecological footprint.
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Analyzes and loads:

​​​​​​​In the assignment, we have performed pipe calculations at the plant. The loads considered in the assignment were pressure and temperature loads, wind loads, snow loads and earthquake loads, all of which can affect the facility.

Customer benefit:

When the calculations show that the requirements set in the current standard are met, the customer receives a receipt that they have designed their system correctly and can then proceed with the project with confidence.

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