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MBD analysis on Backhoe loaders

MBD analysis on Backhoe loaders

Stability calculations on a rail-borne backhoe equipped with both a lifting arm and a passenger basket. The calculations aimed to define a safe working area while operating the two arms so that the stability of the machine is not compromised and it risks tipping over.
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The machine's center of gravity and thus stability varies depending on how the arms are maneuvered. By controlling a kinematic calculation model of the machine with design of experiments (DOE/Design of experiment), the work could be automated and a very large number of combinations could be calculated. The evaluation was also automated with scripts and the outer limit of the machine could be effectively found.

Customer benefit

With the help of the analyses, safe limits for the movement range of the lifting arms could be defined. The results of the calculations allowed the necessary safety instructions to be drawn up and contributed to the machine's approval for use.
The next step could be to integrate the calculation results as well as some load and position sensors to the machine's control system and in this way ensure that the machine is always used within its stability limitation.

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