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Pipe calculations on fire water systems​​​​​​​

Pipe calculations on fire water systems

A customer supplying housing modules to floating platforms asked for help in reviewing the design of their fire water system. The fire water system fulfills an extremely important task in the safety of work on the platform, and the system's function must therefore be ensured for all possible loads to which the system may be subjected.
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Analyzes and loads:

In the assignment, analyzes and pipe calculations have been carried out on the fire water system in the software Peps (Pipestress). Loads taken into account in the calculations are pressure and temperature as well as loads from snow, wind, earthquakes and explosions. The results from the calculations are evaluated against current criteria for process pipes according to the standard ASME B31.3.

Customer benefit:

With this assignment, we have helped the customer design a piping system that is well adapted to the current loads and that meets the standard requirements regarding structural integrity. With approved calculations, the fire water system has now been able to be installed on the housing modules and delivered to its owners.

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