Within the area of energy, our personnel have broad collective experience and knowledge of development work within nuclear facilities, with a focus on technical calculations. We work with everything from pipe calculations, damage tolerance analyses, fluidic investigations, standard evaluations and valve calculations to general methodology development for calculations. In recent years we have taken part in assignments where the environmental impact has been studied in terms of long operating times.
We carry out assignments both on behalf of our customers on their sites and in our own offices where assignments can involve structural verifications of pipes and suspensions or flange fixings. Other examples of assignments carried out in our offices include the design and calculation of stands for pressure covers and reactor tanks and large numbers of review assignments based on a number of different standards such as ASME, EN, TKN, RN, KTA and DIN. Software typically used within these assignments includes Pipestress, Editpipe, CAEpipe and ANSYS.

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Energy - Uniso Technologies
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Customer reference

​​​​​​​“The calculation engineers from Uniso were all knowledgeable, experienced, motivated and autonomous, and were of great benefit to our development department. Together with our own experts, effective teams were constructed to drive technological development forwards.