Case studies

MBD analysis on Backhoe loaders
Stability calculations on rail-mounted backhoe loaders equipped with both lifting arm and passenger lift. The calculations aimed to define a safe working range during maneuvering of the two arms so that the stability of the machine is guaranteed and the risk of overturning is eliminated.
The machine's center of gravity, and thus stability, varies depending on how the arms are operated. By setting up the simulation with DOE (Design of experiments), the work could be automated and a very large number of combinations calculated. The evaluation was automated with scripts and the outer limit of the machine could be effectively found.
Customer benefit
With the help of the analysis, safe limits for the range of motion of the lifting arms could be defined. The results of the calculations enabled necessary safety instructions to be established and contributed to the approval of the machine for use.
A good next step could be to integrate the calculation results together with load and position sensors into the machine's control system and in this way ensure that the machine is always used within its stability limitation.
ANSA KINETICS for Multi Body Dynamics​​​​​​​
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Uniso was a part of the project during the spring of 2020
Malin Thörn